Our expertises


Legal advice

▪ Incorporation mergers and acquisitions
▪ Reorganization & liquidation
▪ Legal insurance
▪ Legal Investment
▪ Legal contract

Intellectual property law

▪ Copyright and intellectual property
▪ Industrial and commercial property
▪ Advertissing law
▪ Unfair competition

Banking law

▪ Conflits management in the execution of Banking and Financial Operations
▪ Conservative and executive measures
▪ Procedures of the debt collections

Employment law

▪ Individual employment contract
▪ Accompaniement in the disciplanary process
▪ Agreement and collective bargaining

Commercial law

▪ Commercial leases
▪ Business assets
▪ Free management
▪ Franchise
▪ Services Contracts

Business criminal law

▪ Criminal Assistance and advice

Expertise in administrative and Tax law

Administrative law

▪ Public procurement disputes
▪ Action for annulment for abuse of power
▪ Responsibilty of state institution
▪ Expropriation and enforcement

Tax law

▪ Tax audit litigation
▪ Tax appeals: local and national tax appeals committees
▪ Amicable negotiation with tax authorities

Public procurement

▪ Assistance in the preparation , execution and litigation of public procurement contracts